BANZAI JAPAN’s 2nd Single「Jumpin’ up!JAPAN!」has been released!


On March 24, 2020, the Japanese idol group BANZAI JAPAN, formed by a project which Japan proudly presents to the world about our culture, has released their second single “Jumpin’ up! JAPAN!”

This second single is a cheer-up song from BANZAI JAPAN that everyone would start to sing along together.

Like the concept of the group, which is visualizing our magnificent culture and introducing them toward the world by their performance, it includes lots of “Japanese-like” calls in the music.

This music is produced by Ayato Shinozaki and Karasuyasabo from TOKYO LOGIC, who lead Japanese subculture music in anime and gaming industry.


2nd Single “Jumpin’ up!JAPAN!”
Release: March 24, 2020
M1:Jumpin’ up!JAPAN!etc.
Price: ¥1200(including tax)

To get more info about BANZAI JAPAN:
・Official Website:
・Instagram: @banzaijapan



Introducing Japan spirit to the world! Girl idol group conquering the nation of 47 prefectures.

Japan is originally well-recognized for its fascinating mountain, river, architecture, cuisine, technology, animation, o-mo-te-na-shi, and…o-ta-ku(nerds) culture!BANZAI JAPAN is a girl idol group, formed by a project which Japan proudly presents to the world about our culture.

Each member who represents their individual prefectures nationwide, is on their secret mission, wondering if rest of the 47 members ever going to get together?

Throughout their songs and dance performances, BANZAI JAPAN will visualize our magnificent culture and introduce them toward the world!