black midi x Dos Monos Remix version of black midi’s “bmbmbm”by Dos Monos Now Streaming!


The band who received positive reactions from both within and outside the country with the release of their debut album, Dos City – Dos Monos.

The band who recently released their debut album, Schlagenheim, that was selected as the best album of the year 2019 in various music magazines such as rockin’on, Music Magazine and Rough Trade – black midi.

A collaboration between two bands whom nobody ever thought would meet! The two bands are said to have met for the first time during the Tokyo concert of  black midi’s first Japan tour and grew close afterward.


black midi – ‘bmbmbm’ (Dos Monos remix):

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black midi
black midi is a 4-piece rock band consisting of members Geordie Greep (vocals, guitar), Matt Kwasniewski-Kelvin (vocals, guitar), Cameron Picton (vocals, bass) and Morgan Simpson (drums). Its members are all between the ages of 19 or 20. The members met at BRIT School, a performing arts school that has also seen the likes of Adele, Amy Winehouse and King Krule. Actively performing guerrilla concerts, tales of their ever-changing setlists, performance prowess and songs overflowing with originality soon spread and they soon began performing to sellout crowds. Barely a year since its formation, much about the band remains a mystery. Receiving attention from listeners and hardcore music-lovers overseas, they released their debut album. The band went on to successfully hold and sellout their first Japan tour. Black midi is without a doubt one of the hottest bands in town to look out for.


Dos Monos
A HIP-HOP trio comprising of members Zo Zhit (MC/trackmaker), TAITAN MAN (MC) and Botsu a.k.a NGS (MC/DJ). Utilizing beats inspired by free jazz and progressive rock etc., the band’s unique style lies in their groove which emphasizes the dissonance between the 3MCs. MC and trackmaker Zo Zhit is also active as an up-and-coming sound producer, providing songs for artists like Mukai Taichi, DATS and yahyel. MC TAITAN MAN also became a hot topic for his guest rap appearance during DATS’s performance at the Fuji Rock Festival 2017. In 2017, the trio also successfully held their first overseas concert in Seoul, Korea and performed at the Summer Sonic Festival 2017. After successfully signing a contract with American record label Deathbomb Arc, they went on to perform at La Magnifique Society, a music festival held in France. They worked with producer Illicit Tsuboi on their debut album Dos City which was released in March 2019. With a dynamic music style, the band has received attention from media outlets and music-lovers all over the world. A band that sees no limits in genre.