“Ikemen with an Addictive Voice” Atto-kun’s Passionate Solo Concert “Atowan! Vol.3” A Great Success!


2nd Single “Mad Dependence” Now on Sale and the Start of Video Streaming!

On 23rd December 2019, the day before Christmas eve, came an early Christmas present from Atto-kun. His solo concert “Atowan! Vol.3 ~Merry Christmas in Roppongi~” was successfully held at Tokyo EX THEATER ROPPONGI and saw him performing to a full-house audience of over 1000.

As the lights dimmed and the music began to play, cheers erupted from the sea of red concert light sticks. In the midst of flashing red and blue stage lights, the concert started off with the song “虎視眈々 (Koshi Tantan)”. With this up-tempo and popular Vocaloid song marking the start, energy levels in the concert venue rose rapidly. Then came the second song “疑心暗鬼 (Gishin Anki)”.

Commenting “Maybe I should sing the songs I usually sing during live streaming broadcasts~”, Atto-kun went on to perform 3 songs consecutively.

After performing “紗痲 (Shama)”, a song with a jaunty rhythm, Atto-kun performed “ザレゴト (Zaregoto)”, the coupling track on his 2nd single “Mad Dependence” that was pre-released on this day at the concert venue. The 5th song in the setlist, “いかないで (Ikanai de)” displayed Atto-kun’s gentle voice and enveloped the venue in an air of sadness.

Next came the long-awaited Q&A corner where Atto-kun replied questions that were collected from the audience beforehand. To the question “What are your ambitions for the future?” came his sly reply “I will tell you about my thoughts later so get your tissues ready.”

As the audience become more excited in anticipation of the next song, a sudden announcement that the concert had ended was made and the lights dimmed. The audience could not hide their shock. At that moment, a recording of Atto-kun’s voice echoed within the concert halls. Atto-kun re-appeared on stage dressed fully in white. With the line “Hey, come on over”, Atto-kun began to perform the title song of his 1st single “CrazyCrash” passionately as the audience went crazy.

During the song “ヒバナ (Hibana)”, Atto-kun ran across the stage from end to end, further energizing the crowd. The stage on that day was also the largest that Atto-kun had performed on yet. Finally, he performed the catchy rock tune “デリヘル呼んだら君が来た (Deliheru Yondara Kimi ga Kita)”. Presented with all of Atto-kun’s “sexy cute” charms, the concert venue was overflowing with bliss as the concert came to an end.

Wanting more, the fans fervently called for an encore and Atto-kun graced the stage once again this time covered in red roses. After his enthusiastic performance of “ラマ (Rama)”, a song from his 1st single, came the final talk section of the day.

Continuously expressing thanks for his fans, Atto-kun commented “Thanks to all of you, I was able to see the best scenery. I will continue to work hard and have thought of many exciting ideas. I want to make all of you happy so I hope you can continue to support me from now on as well.”.

The final song of the day was the title song of his 2nd single “Mad Dependence”. A first for Atto-kun, he took on the challenge of an up-tempo rap tune. As the excitement levels of the audience came to a high, the full view of the world of Atto-kun became complete on stage.


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