TAKEUCHI MARIYA’s SINGLE “Song of Life” breaks the new record!!!


In Asia, TAKEUCHI MARIYA is well-known as a representative singer of city-pops genre.

“Song of Life (Special Edition)”, which was released on January 1st, took the 1st place on weekly single chart (January 13th). She also broke the two new records: “the longest-running No.1 single” and “No.1 single of all time in the music history”.

Before this, the longest-running No.1 single belonged to KUWATA KEISUKE (Southern All Stars) at the age of 62 and 11 months (January 14th, 2019, on the same weekly single chart). Then, TAKEUCHI MARIA rewrote the history at the age of 64 and 10 months, with a one-year-and-eleven-month age gap. Moreover, her single, “Camouflage/Winter Lovers” (Since November 30th, 1998, on the same weekly single chart), hold the 1st place for 21 years and a month, which automatically wrote over the 17-year-and-7-month record of MATSUTOYA YUMI (August 9th, 1993) after 26 years and 5 months.

After a decade, “Song of Life” becomes one of the classic Japanese Pop Songs.

Last year (2019), 10 years after released, the lyrics of TAKEUCHI MARIYA’s “Song of Life” won over the attention of the audiences again. Because of the words like, “Joy of being able to meet” and “the appreciation of life”, which were meant for family, friends and long-gone beloved ones, it was published in the text books of Japanese schools since last year. Also, it has been sung at the most important ceremonies in one’s life, like graduation and wedding. People from all age cherish this song and it becomes an important song which brings every generation together.

On December 31st, 2019, she performed this song as a special event at the 70th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, which also was her first appearance on that show, happened to draw more attention. Just like YAMASHITA TATSURO, her husband, whose song, “Christmas Eve”, won the first place 6 years and a half after its release, it took 8 years for her song to take the 1st place (was released in 2012). Not only that, it has become one of the Japanese Classic Pop Songs.

“’Song of Life’ was the song I performed at my very first appearance at the Kohaku, but I’m really glad to know that my song can touch everyone’s heart and soul. From now on, I will remember this as an inspiration and keep singing till the end of the time. Thank you very much!”- TAKEUCHI MARIYA