[Live report] Gospellers “We want to dedicate these words to Kokuritsu Kyogijo. ‘Forever’” – “JAPAN NIGHT” DAY 1



Day one of “SAYONARA Kokuritsu Kyogijo FINAL WEEK JAPAN NIGHT”, titled “Yell for Japan”, was held on May 28. This is the live report for Gospellers.

Day one of hit its halfway point at 7:30pm. Seiji Kameda introduced Gospellers onto the stage. As the came on stage, Tetsuya Murakami improvised some acapella.

“Thank you Kokuritsu, for being the holy land for 56 years. Thanks to everybody who witnessed it, that means all of you. Thanks to all the people in Northeast Japan who are watching this and yelling. This goes out to you…”

The five group members then went into “HITORI”. The line, “You don’t say ‘I love you’ lately,” rang out into the night sky at Kokuritsu Kyogijo. Their voices were beautiful, and it was completely different energy from the previous acts.

“We sang the Japanese national anthem for the Japanese soccer team here before. We never thought we’d ever play on this stage. I want to dedicate these words to Kokuritsu. “Forever”.”

Next, of course, was “EIEN (forever)”. This version of the song with piano, acoustic guitar, and nylon string guitar was more expressive and filled the venue with emotion.

Glorious voices filled this sacred venue. The stage and the stands became blue and made the ending of their set even more dramatic.

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