D_Drive – Maximum Impact


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Author: JC   Copyeditor: Silverfaye

A wildfire in the heat of summer.

There’s this bedazzling spark of electricity the moment anyone new to D_Drive comes face-to-face with their music for the first time, one which gallops down the listener’s spine on an endless loop. One might even say the instrumental quartet (made up of guitarists Yuki and Seiji, drummer Chihiko, and new bassist Toshiyuki) execute an intricate yet spine-chilling display of sonic craftsmanship seldom seen in rock circles these days.

Their talent is boasted not just by three previous albums and a small number of singles but by a bunch of instructional DVDs (all releases seem to have long been sold out according to the band’s website) as well as performances at Anaheim’s NAMM Show. Needless to say a Western release has been long overdue and, finding a home on the UK’s Marshall Records, Maximum Impact thankfully does not disappoint: it is an exciting culmination of a decade-long legacy.


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