Vo./Gt. Takahiro Inokuchi
Gt./Cho Akihiro Miura
B./Cho Kosuke Ito
Dr./Cho Shunsuke Kawagoe 
In April 2007, formed hotspring with the current line-up in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture.
The band name comes from hot springs.
At the time, released 2 self produced albums, and held concerts in Kyushu. Their dynamic live performances became famous via word of mouth.
In September 2010, went to Tokyo and released the EP “Daniel to Melody” from Sexy Stones Records owned by Kenichi Asai. In July 2011, released the album “Electric Queen” and began performing across Japan.
In April 2012, was chosen to perform in “ARABIKI ROCK FEST. 12”.
In June, released the EP “VOID” and began a national tour.
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