ESIE : feminine noun Common point between French words hérésie and poésie. An enigmatic name for an unusual artist with a first album of gut crunching music and singing. Poetic. Poetry is indeed the last refuge for words, a heresy for those who dominate the world. This musical composition unveils numerous questions regarding those mental prisons in which we have let ourselves be trapped. Playing with our conscience’s symmetry as ESIE suggests allows us to explore those forbidden ideas proscribed by the self-righteous. Good faces evil, beauty faces ugliness, death faces life, demons face angels. “My body is a music instrument. Being on stage allows me to express those contradictory feelings that haunt me”. The first titles of this album were born from this this fusion between paradoxes of the body and soul, bearing deep and complex sonorities. If the words which give meaning to our lives slowly fade away, ESIE rehabilitates them with her voice’s vital force, underlined by a rich, strong, grating and bewitched music. Her lyrics tackle domination, passivity, manipulation, but also motherly love, solitude and withdraw syndrome. Her hypersensitivity runs through our spine (Words are dying), her rage sweeps us into real acoustic whirlpools and takes us into Kafka-like internal vertigo (Namari no karada). The quintessence of her songs spring from her skin-deep qualms. Those extreme yet subtle feelings are highlighted by her producer Yoshimi Hishida, who previously worked with Takeshi Kitano and Kinji Fukusaku (one of the master of Yakuza gangter movies). ESIE and Yoshimi share a common inspiration : Akira Miyoshi, Japanese cult musician, the pioneer of cross-roads between classical and electronic music, from Steve Reich and Olivier Messiaen. Her numerous fans on Myspace compare her to a multitude of artists with identical DNA : Bjork, Deborah Harry, Iggy Pop, Joan Jett, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the banshee, Brian Eno, New Order, Eurythmics, Depeche Mode or Marilyn Manson… Stage wise, ESIE was already a muse for famous Japanese magazine Non-No at the age of 16. She walked down fashion show runways in Japan for 2 years and was chosen for L’Oreal’s advertising campaigns. After a break, ESIE is back in the world of modeling. First in Europe by being exclusively represented by the model agency Nathalie along with Beatrice Dalle, Tricky or Zoe Felix.
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