Sotte Bosse


Cana’s angelic voice, which warmly envelops the hearts of the listener, has the ability to instantaneously attract listeners. She immerses herself deep into her lyrics’ realm and uses her unique vocal style, which has a distinct speaking quality, to deliver the message deep into the listener’s heart. At the moment, she is featured as a vocalist for “i-dep” who has gained wide recognition within the club scene. Her musical activities include collaboration with violinist Chieko Kanehara and keyboardist Rasmus Faber, which has attracted much attention.
Hiroshi Nakamura [Produce / Compose]
His work under “i-dep” has influenced the dance music scene in many ways. His worldwide release album and MIX CD has earned him a #1 ranking in foreign club music hit charts. Nakamura has been the producer of many artists both within and outside of the country, beginning with Sotte Bosse. His creative ability to jump back and forth between the boundaries of musical genres such as pop music and club music has accumulated significant attention.
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