Born on February 15th, 1974 in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture.
In 1997, made his major debut as a keyboardist fro SUPER BUTTER DOG. Ever since his debut, he has been widely popular, not only for his keyboarding abilities, but also as a funky entertainer on stage. At live events, he is known as MC Yogurt, and as Ike-chan on TV.
As of 2004, he has been the keyboardist for Band 100s alongside kazuyoshi Nakamura He has shown versatility not only as a musician. He has produced Suneo Hair, and is a main cast on show on Space Shower TV and has appeared in NHK’s “Tensai Terebikun MAX Bit World”.
He has also been recognized by Seikou Ito as “one of the three funniest musicians” and has gone to the final rounds in “Toranomon/Shiritori Ryuuousen Kajinsen”. Made his solo debut as REKISHI in 2007.
In March 2011, released his second album from Cutting Edge. It was the first release in 3 years, nine months. In May, held his first solo concert “REKI Tour –Minna de Iseki wo Meguritakatta” in Tokyo and Osaka Prefecture.
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