Yoshida Yamada is a Japanese male duo featuring Yui Yoshida as guitarist/vocalist and Yoshitaka Yamada as vocalist. Their group name is taken from their last names.
On October 21st, 2009, made their major debut with the single “Gamushara Runner”.
In February 2010, released their second single “Tsubomi/Namida no Umi”.
The song “Tsubomi” was used as the ending theme song of “CDTV” of TBS and the coupling song “Namida no Umi” was used as the theme song for the movie “Umi no Kingyo”. Marked 4th place in the Recochoku Daily Rankings.
In June 2010, released their first summer song “Natsu no Pedal” as their 3rd single.
On October 20th, 2010, released their first album titled “To”, which featured the song “Kibou to Candy” which they had been singing since before the time of their debut. The title of the album “To” (Japanese conjunction/postposition which means “and” or “with”) was given in their hope for all listeners to find a sense of connection with everything/everyone within the throughout the album.
In 2010, performed in 250 concerts.
On July 27th 2011, released their 4th single “Yakusoku no March” which was used as the ending theme song for the TBS program “Arabiki Dan”, and in some areas, the song was used as the commercial song for “Ai Shouden”.
In September, they did their first solo tour “Yoshida Yamada Wanman da!! ‘Uta Uta’ Tour 2011”.
On January 25th, 2012, released 5th single “Kakera”, and on March 7th, released their 2nd album “Kokoro Note”.
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