Takashi Fujii


In May 1992, Takashi joined the Yoshimoto Shinkigeki theater group. Following his gigs such as a reporter on late-night shows, he relocated to Tokyo in the mid-90’s where he demonstrated his many talents as a comedian/tv personality and attracted attention nationwide.
Meanwhile on March 8th, 2000, he made his debut as a singer with the song “Nandakanda” (Antinos Records).
The song ranked 9th on Oricon charts, marking a huge success and great start to his singing career. That same year, he appeared on NHK’s Kouhaku Utagassen for the first time and became well-known as a singer too.
Since then, he has consecutively released many great works including his first album “Romeo Michiganite” (Antinos Records) on February 14th, 2002, his second album “All by my self” (YOSHIMOTO R&C) on July 28th, 2004, and single “OH MY JULIET” (YOSHIMOTO R&C) on October 19th, 2005, steadily building up his career as a singer.
For a while it seemed as though he had taken a break from his singer activities but during this time, he had many encounters with people that lead to the release of his well-written song “She is my new town/I just want to hold you” (YOSHIMOTO R&C), produced by Seiko Matsuda and released on June 5th, 2013.
After this, he met Go Yoshida and Rhymester’s Utamaru, followed by the release of the up-and-coming track-maker tofubeats’ second major EP “Disco no Kamisama feat. Fujii Takashi”, which instantly became a club hit. In 2014, his talents as a producer flourished, and he founded the label “SLENDERIE RECORD” led by Takashi himself.
He scored many hits, starting with the digital release of “Now Romantic” by the group “Like a Record Round! Round! Round!” formed of Takashi, Laser Ramon RG, and Tsubaki Oniyakko, and song “Kappo!” written by Takashi and released on December 17th, 2014.
 He released his first original album in 11 years, “Coffee Bar Cowboy”, on June 17th, 2015, on which his name also appears as co-producer.
While vigorously performing the album at 30 locations on his nation-wide “Coffee Bar Cowboy tour”, he will release his first greatest hits album “AUDIO VISUAL” on October 21st, 2015.
Takashi also became a part of the DJ TEAM “DC BRAND’s”, centered around DJ Karl Helmut by Takashi Fujii + DJ SAILORS by Okite Porsche + DJ K-FACTORY by Mittsii Moushiwake, and released DJ MIX “Delicacy” mixed by DJ DC BRAND’s on July 13th, 2016. His energy continues to remain strong.
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