Takuro Yoshida was born on the 5th of April in Oguchi City kagoshima City 1946.
In April 1970, he self-produced Folk Mura’s compilation album titled “Furui Fune wo Ima Ugokasetrunoha Suifu Janaidarou” . In June, his debut single was released from Elex Records titled “Image no Shi” and “Marc II” . In October, he released his first full album “Seishun no Uta”.
In August 1971, he sang “Ningen Nante” with the audience for 2 hours at Folk Jamboree due to PA problem, becoming a historic incident.
In June 1975, he founded “Four Life records” as a record label by the artists along with Hitoshi Komuro, Yosui Inoue, and Shigeru Izumiya.
In 1996 he appeared regularly on a music program “LOVE LOVE Aishiteru”.
In April 2003, he had to postpone his concert tour due to lung cancer operation to the fans’ surprise. The surgery was successful and he returned onto the stage safe and sound in Autumn.
Yoshida Takuro is a male J-Pop artist, one of the most famous folk singer-songwriter. He was born on April 5, 1946 in Okuchi, Kagoshima and raised in Hiroshima. He made his debut with the single Imeji no Uta / Maku II on June, 1970.
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