Akai Ko-en


Akai Ko-en Akai Ko-en is a 4-piece band with the members of Chiaki Sato (Vo/Key), Maisa Tsuno (G/ Piano/Cho), Hikari Fujimoto (B) and Nao Utagawa (Dr/Cho). They met in a band music club in high school and formed the band in 1/2010. Their sound covers a variety genres and their unpredictably aggressive live performance is what attracted a big audience. They started off at BABEL in Tachikawa, Tokyo and released independent works “Hajimemashite” and “Bremen to Aruku.” They made their major debut with a mini album “Toumei Nanoka Kuro Nanoka” from EMI Music Japan (the current EMI Records Japan within Universal Music Japan). Due to Tsuno’s unfortunate health conditions, the band decided to go on a hiatus from 10/2012 for half a year. Soon after the announcement of the restart on 3/1/2013, they went on a tour in in May, covering Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka and released their 1st full album “Ko-en Debut” in August. Tsuno is highly recognized as a songwriter that she composed and wrote lyrics for SMAP’s “Joy!!.” She also arranged and wrote the lyrics for Shiho Nanba’s “Bara Bara Battle.”
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