"24th Single Selection Janken (rock-paper-scissors) Contest" Information for fans overseas


【Qualification for Apply】
●People living overseas, and capable of proving the entry to Japan
within 1 month. (We will be checking the entry visa in your passport
at the reception.)
●Foreigners living in Japan will not be a qualification for this.
●People capable of paying in Japanese Yen at the live day.
●People capable of sending and receiving emails while staying in Japan.
【Application Process】
1. Choose the live day and apply by email. (Lottery is held) Entry is held from August 25 to August 29.
2. Only the people who won the lottery will receive the email by August 31. (Please have your PC be able to receive the domain name []) When not receive any email, your application is rejected by lottery.
3. Buy the ticket at the “Super long distance category” counter at NIPPON BUDOKAN on the day of the live. (Passport will be checked here)
※Purchase of the tickets is between 4pm to 5pm. The delay may be considered as cancellation.
※Wristband is provided when purchasing a ticket to enter the live.
Please send email to the address listed below and to apply. (During August 25 to August 29)
<Subject >September 20
<Text> Name/ Your Country
※Please write all of the names when applying by group of people.
【Example 1】
<Subject >
September 20
王 偉 / 中華人民共和国
【Example 2】
September 20
※To avoid duplication, only one application per person is accepted.
※Please note that the lottery is held and may not win the seats, when the applications become more than the capacity.
We are looking forward to your entry.
Official website: