SUGIZO’s second online concert “LIVE STREAMING FROM TOKYO EPISODE Ⅱ ~VOICE OF LEMURIA~” will be broadcast worldwide on April 20th.


SUGIZO will be holding his second live stream concert on April 20th.

Titled LIVE STREAMING FROM TOKYO EPISODE Ⅱ ~VOICE OF LEMURIA~, this show is said to be an evolution from the first “episode”, which aimed to take advantage of the unique sound, video and lighting possibilities provided by the online streaming format to maximize the potential of SUGIZO‘s performance. For an idea of what to expect, check out our live report covering SUGIZO LIVE STREAMING FROM TOKYO EPISODE I ~RE-ECHO TO COSMIC DANCE~.

The line-up for this show will include the COSMIC DANCE QUARTET, which features SUGIZO on guitar and violin, MaZDA on programming and synthesizer, Kenji Yoshiura on percussion and VJ ZAKROCK. Trumpet player Shinpei Ruike will appear as a guest, while Dub Master X will serve as the sound engineer.

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