SUGIZO will release his first original solo album in three years, titled LOVE & TRANQUILITY on December 23rd, 2020!


SUGIZO will release his first original solo album in three years, titled LOVE & TRANQUILITY on December 23rd, 2020.
The title and release date have already been reported, and this announcement is the long-awaited release of the album cover photo and detailed follow-up information.

The album’s concept is ambient music of salvation that gently snuggles up to the hearts of people who are exhausted by the global pandemics and permeates like water.
The album includes three tracks featuring female singers (* rearrangement and remix of previously released tracks) and seven instrumental tracks for a total of ten tracks on the album. SUGIZO does not pursue the sound side’s radicalness and stimulus on this album but plays every note by the guitars fully echoed with compassion and mixes it with the mysterious synthesizer sound.

Those important sources of inspiration came from the Jomon Civilization.

In the spring of 2020, SUGIZO felt the limits of the altruistic modern society where the distortion was exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and its division accelerated; he focused on the altruistic Jomon society at the other end of the spectrum. He started thinking about the spirituality of the ancient Japanese, who respected nature and harmony with tranquility. This could have the possibility for post-pandemic life, and he came up with the theme of LOVE & TRANQUILITY. It was July when he actually started the musical production. Since its concept was confirmed, SUGIZO recalls that the tracks were born naturally as if a plant sprouts and grows.

A mysterious healing that incorporates guitars, synthesizers, and violins with a focus on clean tones and acoustics, as well as realistic natural sounds field-recorded on Yakushima Island, plus the addition of traditional sho and kagura bells, and statements chanting the eradication of illness. Music. SUGIZO also paid attention to the spirituality of worshiping the eight million gods, and received suggestions on surviving the pandemic, and said that he was more conscious of the pride of being Japanese than ever before. “What I valued was love, not hostility, and harmony, not division,” he said. “A quiet but strong and vibrant album will soon be completed that will heal the injured and even encourage awakening.”

There are two types of albums available:
1. Regular Edition: includes one CD plus a 20-page booklet with an English translation of the liner notes.
2. Premium Edition: exclusively sells at HMV/Loppi and available for overseas fans via the HMV online store. It includes a set of 2CDs and comes with a special photo booklet.
The bonus CD on the Premium Edition contains two tracks from SUGIZO HALF CENTURY ANNIVERSARY FES., which was held July 7th and 8th, 2019 – “Rokkasho” is the first track of the first days setlist and performed by S.T.K., an ambient unit by SUGIZO and Tetra Tanizaki. It will be the first official track, and “Multiverse Traveler” from the second day is an improvisation with modular synthesizers by SUGIZO×HATAKEN.
The special photo-booklet in the Premium Edition has 100 pages, including photos taken on Yakushima Island and at the recording studio, an instrumentation list, English translations of the liner notes, a long interview, and a track description. The photos in Yakushima were taken by photographer Tatsuo Hata who SUGIZO passionately hoped for collaboration. The black and white artist photo is also by Mr. Hata. Detailed information for the album will be soon published.

On December 6th (Sun) and 7th (Mon), the improvisational project SHAG, which SUGIZO leads, will perform for the first time in 12 years at Blue Note Tokyo. Also, LUNA SEA will hold a concert at Saitama Super Arena on Saturday, December 26th, and Sunday, December 27th. SUGIZO declared during his first live-streaming concert on 14th October 2020 that he will be more active in 2021 in his responses to global issues. Still, he has already been moving forward on his dedication to making a better world. Stay tuned!

■Premium Edition
A set of 2CDs in a deluxe box ※exclusive sales at HMV/Loppi
*For overseas customers, the purchase will be available at HMV online.
Price:¥11,000(tax incl.)

Benefit1:B5 sized Art Photobook
・Photos taken in Yakushima on a special photo booklet
・Photos taken at recording on a special photo booklet
・English translation of liner notes
・long interview and track description
・complete backline list for recording

Benefit 2:Bonus Disc
“SUGIZO×HATAKEN / Multiverse Traveler from HALF CENTURY FES.”

■Regular Edition
1CD+Booklet(with liner notes)
Price:¥3,300(tax incl.)

【track list】
Disc 1
1. Nova Terra
2. Childhood’s End
3. A Red Ray feat. miwa
4. 追憶
5. ENDLESS ~闇を超えて~ feat. 大黒摩季
6. The Gates of Dawn
7. Mindfulness
8. CHARON ~四智梵語~
9. 光の涯 feat. アイナ・ジ・エンド(BiSH)
10. So Sweet So Lonely

Disc 2 ※Bonus Disc on Premium Edition