Executive Director Mamoru Oshii, Director Junji Nishimura, New Anime “VLADLOVE” Ending Theme to be Performed by “alan” & “Ayasa”!


In creating the ending theme songs, it was decided that the songs would include the violin to express the artistry of the piece and the art form known as “anime”. From the various candidates, Ayasa was chosen. Ayasa, having performed at the China Festival in September 2019, had met an artist that she got along well with and wished to collaborate with her. After being introduced to alan, it was decided that the ending theme will be performed by the two.

alan has been active in Japan and continues to perform as a leading Chinese artist. Ayasa is an artist who continues to push her limits, expanding to the rest of Asia, including to China, and also into the US, South America and Europe. The duo is, without a doubt, the new Asia standard chosen as a new type of artist capable of promoting this anime series globally and gaining recognition around the world.
The animation for “Akaiame (赤い雨)” was produced based off a storyboard and composition drawn up by Director Nishimura himself while the animation for “Shingetsu (新月)” makes use of designs by VLADLOVE’s visual designer, Uta Mizuno, in its composition to better express the anime’s artistry.

■ Ending Theme
alan & Ayasa: song title “Akaiame (赤い雨; Red Rain)” ※For the Japan release (tentative)
Lyrics: Psycho Kawamura
Composition/Arrangement: ZENTA
Ayasa: song title “Shingetsu (新月; New Moon)” (Instrumental) ※For the international release (tentative)
Composition/Arrangement: Yasuhisa Inoue

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