Jureniwa’s First Nationwide-Distributed Album Release “Peace no Shirase”! Revealing the Bande dessinée-inspired Album Jacket.


Jureniwa, a 4-piece band from Chiba prefecture, will release their first album “Peace no Shirase” on 19th February through their agency MASH A&R. The album “Peace no Shirase will be the first Jureniwa album to be made available at major CD retailers across the country.

The album’s 10-song track list includes 2 songs from the digital single “Bianca” that was released on 27th November 2019 and the song “PLAY” that has previously been performed in concert.

The album jacket features illustrations by Yamazaki Midori and presents a unique outlook on the world.

Get the store-only novelty while stocks last when you pre-order or purchase the album.

The store-only novelty differs by store. There will be a total of 3 types: an original sticker, an original post card and an original file.

In addition, a QR code providing access to an exclusive video will also be included. Do look forward to more information to come.

Jureniwa is a 4-piece band hailing from Chiba prefecture. The band consists of members Shiro Nakamura (vocal & guitar), Taneya Yoshiki (guitar & chorus), Miyashita Rejinarudo (bass & chorus) and RENJU (drums & chorus). In 2018, Jureniwa claimed the grand prize at an audition organized by MASH A&R, the management agency of the bands THE ORAL CIGARETTES and Frederic, and were subsequently signed.

<1st Album “Peace no Shirase” Release Information>・Track list
1. Kakumeiji (革命児; Revolutionary)
2. Isho (遺書; Suicide Note)
3. Lilac
4. Cherie
6. fusée 101
7. Maboroshi no Yoru ni (まぼろしの夜に; Dream-like Night)
8. Bianca
9. Last Song (ラストソング; Last Song)
10. Aho (阿呆; Stupid)

Stock No.:MASHAR-1008
Label:MASH A&R


<Tour Information>
※Concerts other than the tour finale will feature guest bands.
February 24 (Monday) Chiba LOOK
March 4 (Wednesday) Osaka Neyagawa VINTAGE
March 6 (Friday) Hiroshima BACK BEAT
March 9 (Monday) Sendai enn3rd
March 11 (Wednesday) Hokkaido Sapporo COLONY
March 23 (Monday) Fukuoka Early Believers
March 25 (Wednesday) Nagoya HUCK FINN
March 29 (Sunday) Tokyo Shimokitazawa SHELTER ※Solo concert

<Novelty with CD Purchase>
・Original Clear File (Available only at Tower Records stores)
・Original Sticker (Available only at Village Vanguard stores)
・Original Postcard (Available at all other participating stores)※All novelties will include a QR code providing access to an exclusive video.

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