Performance report of Under Beasty, who held New Year one-man live concert at TSUTAYA O-EAST!


“From this point, soaring up…… can’t go back to that day anymore.”

On January 1st, 2020, at TSUTAYA O-EAST, Under Beasty held their new year one-man live concert “UB GANTAN ONE-MAN LIVE 2020~ AKEOME beasty~”. On that day, they announced their new single, “Real Blade”, which will be released in this spring by Avex as a major distribution. Moreover, there will be 2 types for this single.

Even as a new year concert, the whole place was filled with many fans. After the roaring sound, the show began with the voice of HARUNO YUMU, singing the chorus of “happiness to you!” in acapella. With the dashing tempo song, the floor started to came alive with scream and shout. With those heavy yells from the floor, these five girls on the stage, put a smile which kept telling, “You can definitely, absolutely be happy” and sang passionately like they were touched by the song filled with passion.

Under Beasty usually performs with their band on their one-man concerts, except from this time, they set the stage just only with the backing instrumental tracks. With their passionate voice, they hit the bullseye of every single heart of the audience. Since the beginning, everyone was thrilled with a tremendous enthusiasm and excitement.

With the rise of the heat, these five girls, as the goddesses with the mysterious scent of attraction, started to sing “occult propose”. Five became one and sang their hearts out with their bewitching voices as if they were pouring their feelings on their loved ones. HARUNO YUMU’s skill to make audience fall, worked on that day as usual.

Their songs pumped up the heat and power instantly. Countless hands of audience which were longing for these girls, rose along with their scream and shout. With the voice of low pitch range, they are the girls who provoke vividly. With a cute look, the way they exposed the fangs in their hearts was an inspiration which heated up every single one in the audience. They are the girls who would rather strengthening themselves by provoking every time they perform the songs.

With the perfect blend of the voices of HARUNO YUMU, UETAKE YUA and IMAI RINA, their performance of “new journey” heated up even more. After that, they presented “ANTHRO”, on the B-side of their new single “Real Blade” which will be released in this spring. Along with the high tension, they performed with the voice filled with passion and thrusting fists. The audience also started punching the air toward the girls.

After playing the video of the members in elegant Japanese costumes, one by one talking about their “new year’s resolution”, they continued fighting the second half of the show. In the elegant Japanese Kimono, suitable for the New Year, the girls presented the medley corner with total 8 songs.

“deformoon”, with the start, the medley corner ended with “Do more” which was like guiding the way to the heaven for the souls touched by Under Beasty. With enthusiasm and the rise of the emotion, these five girls let their singing voices and gazes fly to their dream land which is far beyond them.

The last song of the main stage was “fadeless”. They performed with the soft and kind singing voices just to embrace tightly to that enthusiasm which they had kept maintaining with them all along. Some people, those were resonated by the way these girls reached out their hands, together held their hands high up in the air with the same thinking of the members running to the spotlight of their own goal.

As an encore, they performed their new single, “Real Blade”, release in this spring. With a mixture of the heavy electronic tone and the loud rock, “Real Blade” is a song that bursts with a high-tension powerful sound, suitable for heating up from the beginning. With the intensely attacking song, these five girls alternatively used rap and dance to fire up. With the attacking lyrics, being entwined with English words, they had painted the beauty of their new side.

At the end of the encore, they sang “ROCK ALIVE”. Being touched by these five girls on the stage, people on the floor kept jumping with joy and excitement. With the heat they felt, the arrow on the energy meter almost hit zero. Still, the floor was filled with the shouts of “HEY!!! HEY!!!”. At the very end, they jumped together and under the situation of letting those hearts and voices pump up, Under Beasty and the whole audience greedily feasted on the enthusiasm.

“The chance that brought us all together, right now, all I wanna do is grab it tightly no matter what. Thank you every one for giving us the best start.”



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hapiness to you!
occult propose
TOKYO monster
new journey

Medley= “deformoon”, “DIVISION”, “Black Jet”, “Past Perfume”, “ARCADIA CAT”, “Taboo Majic”, “last scene”, “Do more”

Real Blade