Perfume at City National Civic, San Jose


author: Julia Wang

Flawless, austere dancing and an unreal viewing experience.

Between Perfume’s two performances at the American music festival Coachella, they performed at the City National Civic in San Jose on a Wednesday night. It was a strange choice to have the performance in San Jose after the previous two years’ were set in San Francisco, 55 miles to the north. Many of the concertgoers were still from San Francisco, braving the two hour commute during rush hour across the Bay Area. Some fans had flown from Japan, who had seen Perfume at Coachella the weekend before and were planning on seeing them again at Coachella the weekend after.

The show opened with Xia Xia Technique (XXT), an avant-garde rap/electronic duo. They had a minimal setup in front of the sheer white curtain on the stage, with only a DJ table, and a homemade paper sign that declared “WE ARE XXT”.

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