Michiko Shimizu


Michiko Shimizu
MICHIKO SHIMIZU is from Takayama city in Gifu Prefecture. She has been posted continuously on a radio program “All Night Nippon” and a magazine “Bikkuri House”, which led her to the career of being a radio show writer in October 1983. Next year, she started doing jingles for TV CM.
 She had her first show in February 1986, and made her TV debut on “Jodan Gaho” on Fuji TV in April 1987. In October, she made her national TV debut as a regular talent on “Waratte Iitomo”. In December she released her debut album “Shiawase no Koccho”.
 In 2005, she released “Utano Album”, the first album since “Ame to Muchi” released in 1992, followed by “Lip Service” in 2006. 2007 marked her career’s 20th anniversary. She went to 25 venue tour since April 2007 and released it as as live DVD in 2008.
 In 2012, she released her first best album “Shimizu Michiko Monogatari” in 2012 to celebrate her 25th anniversary.
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