Naoki Takada (born 31 December 1975 in Nagoya) is a Japanese rapper and hip-hop artist better known under his alias SEAMO. He made his debut in 2004 using the alias of Sea-Mo Nator, but later changed his name to SEAMO, and made his solo debut in 2005 on the Japanese record label BMG Japan with the single “Kanpaku”. SEAMO garnered fame when he appeared along with the duo BENNIE K on the song “a love story”. In 2006 SEAMO had his bestselling single in Japan so far with “Mata aimashō”, which despite peaking at #14 in the singles chart has spent 34 weeks and sold more than 160,000 copies so far. His second album, Live Goes On, made its debut on the Japanese chart at #1. As favourite artists and influences, SEAMO lists Kool Keith, MC Hammer and Japanese acts Unicorn, Sing Like Talking, and Original love
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