Mao Abe


Mao began learning the piano in the 3rd grade. Beginning high school, she stopped the piano and started learning guitar.
The summer of her 2nd year of high school, the manager of a music store recommended she participate in the Yamaha Teen’s Music Festival 2006, where she was victorious.
That fall she participated in the same national contest.
From that time on, radio, television, and local media took notice. She even started getting performance offers.
In 2008, after her high school graduation, she moved to Tokyo.
January 21, 2009 marked her album debut.
Mao’s debut single “Tsutaetai koto / I wanna see you” was released on May 27th containing 3 tracks that all received promotion. “Tsutaetai koto” as the ending theme to Hey! Hey! Hey! for June and July and the other tracks in commercials.
Her second single, “Anata no koibito ni naritai no desu” will be released on August 5th. The title track was previously available in an acoustic version on her Myspace before the release of her album.
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