A group consisting of vocalist Kaori Takeda and Masayuki Ishii who handles production and all instruments.
In May 2000, debuted with the cover album “No Coast”. The song “Rock the Casbah” and the remix done by Smith & Mighty have gained critical acclaim both in and outside the country. The cover song “Free” has been used as commercial song for “Onward Kashiyama ‘Jiyuuku’”.
In October 2000, released the song “Kenbikyou” which was written in collaboration with composer Takashi Matsumoto. In February 2002, released their first original full-length album “Weight-Less” in which they showed-off their sophisticated sound-scape and melody sense.
In March 2002, released the album “Phenomena” which featured all-Japanese lyrics sung by Kaori Takeda and groovy sound of Masayuki Ishii.
Furthermore, at around the same time, they made the song “in a cloud” as the theme song for the movie “Torabaiyu”. The soundtrack “LOVE UPSETTERS~featuring Tica” which included this song was also released.
In 2002, a new women’s fashion brand “Pebble” which came into fruition through the collaboration of Devilock and BEAMS supported Tica with CD artwork and Ishii’s photo session. Original line “Tica by Pebble” was released in BEAMS stores nationwide in April. In mid-February 2003, the album “Latest Rules” was finished and was released on May 21st. It was the first album of a series to come, and was comprised of all-English lyric cover songs.
In 2004, transferred from V2 Records Japan to “intoxicate records”, and released the album “Mining For Gold” on June 2nd, 2004.
In 2005, they transferred from a major company to an independent company, and have performed actively as a guitar-vocalist duo.
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