MAH of SiM , Participating England’s Skindred’s Album



Skindred will release the new album “Kill The Power” on the 22nd of January. It was announced that MAH (Vo) of SiM is joning as a featuring guest. Skindred is the English band of 4 members. On the first day of the “REDLINE TOUR 2013 10 DAYS”, held at LIQUIDROOM of Tokyo in October, they had a two-man Live and showed a powerful performance. The song “Re-Education” in which MAH participated in as a featuring guest will be recorded in the domestic version as a bonus track. Let’s look forward to the change the vocal of MAH will make to the mixture sound of the Skindred.

Skindred「Kill The Power」 tracklist
01. Kill The Power
02. Ruling Force
03. Playing With The Devil
04. Worlds On Fire
05. Ninja
06. The Kids Are Right Now
07. We Live
08. Open Eyed
09. Dollars and Dimes
10. Saturday
11. Proceed with Caution
12. More Fire
13. Re-Education feat.MAH(from SiM)

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