PASSPO☆ enjoys first oversea tour on charter flight and “acting CA (cabin attendant)”



A very unique girls rock band named PASSPO☆, formed as “sky” and “travel”-specific girls unit, uses semi airline-like vocabulary by calling themselves “crew”, live a “flight”, and their fans “passengers”. They even dress like CA (cabin attendant). Brought by a charter flight, PASSPO☆ experienced their first oversea tour in Taiwan.

The tour was originally organized as part of a TV commercial, which they had appeared in, and as part of a travel package by H.I.S. Kansai. What makes this tour so special is the scenario in which the group heads out to Taiwan with passengers (“fans”) on an emergency charter flight with China Airline. Included in the tour was this special PASSPO☆’s first oversea one-man live event in addition to some sightseeing activities.

The first day on May 3rd, PASSPO☆ crew, who were all dressed in pink H.I.S. uniforms, welcomed all passengers and they got on board together to take off from Kansai International Airport. The group captain, Ai Negishi, made gate announcement as she greeted all passengers who were boarding face to face.

The planning and the concept behind this project were explained to passengers on board, and PASSPO☆ self-introduction was made following by the announcement. Shortly after PASSPO☆ appeared and conducted “the handing of boarding pass” to each passenger, simply as part of their “authentic” customer service.

On May 4th through 5th, PASSPO☆ went sightseeing with their fans at famous Taiwanese sites including Kaohsiung Martyrs’ Shrine, Hsing Tien Temple, Sun Yat-sun Memorial Hall, and Taipei 101 building. The group socialized with fans and enjoyed local delicacies like soup dumplings and must-eat local item “mango flavored shaved ice”. The fun time was never long enough as they cruised around the famous night market.

On the last day, as passengers were anxiously awaiting, PASSPO☆’ first oversea one-man flight departed right on schedule at RIVERSIDE LIVEHOUSE. The live venue was full of people including passengers from Japan who came on a charter flight and many local Taiwanese passengers. The members` introduction and some small talks were made in Chinese, and the group showed their powerful performance through a total of 12 songs including their ORICON no.1 hit and major debut single “Shoujo Hikou (girls flight)”. The first half of the flight started off perfectly and ended with enthusiasm beyond expectations for their first Taiwan visit.

The second half of the flight got started as the crew had asked for the passenger requests. The top 7 requested songs were performed excitedly, which naturally made all the passengers at the live venue stand hand in hand celebrating the very successful first oversea one-man live of PASSPO☆.

Acting CAs, sightseeing with the fans, and the success of live… It all worked out because it was PASSPO☆, who presented the entire event with dignity by air or by land. It is no question that both crew and passengers had the time of their lives.

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