acid android


During L’Arc~en~Ciel’s three year long hiatus, the band’s drummer yukihiro started up the solo musical project acid android. The band’s musical style is quite different from his previous offerings with L’Arc~en~Ciel , and fans were surprised at the deliberate and harsh change in music style.
acid android performed for the very first time at the Shibuya Club Asia on May 23, 2001, as part of the special event entitled acid android in an alcove. The band’s founder and leader, yukihiro, performed guitar and vocals. A few months later on the 27th of September, acid android’s first CD, Ring the Noise, was released on the major label Ki/oon Records. After the release of the band’s first single, there was little activity on their part until the following January, when they performed a concert as a guest for the band crow.
Exactly a year after the release of Ring the Noise came the highly anticipated album acid android. The album was originally only available for order over the internet, until its full commercial release in March 2003. The self-titled album was a dark and brooding affair, that contained a heady mix of minimalist programmed drum tracks and heavy guitar blasts, electronic noise and industrial style strangled vocals.
A week after the commercial release of acid android came its follow up mini-album, faults, which featured the vocal talents of the British singer Tony Halliday. A promotional tour followed that lasted until May of ’03. After the tour, yukihiro hooked up with his fellow band mate ken from L’Arc~en~Ciel to work on his project Sons Of All Pussys.
The next two years were quiet for acid android, due to yukihiro’s commitment to L’Arc~en~Ciel which had returned to work. Apart from performances at the yearly Danger Crue presents … events and performances supporting MUCC and S.O.A.P, the band was relatively inactive. However, 2006 brought the release of the single Let’s Dance (which was mixed in Berlin, Germany) and the album Purification. On April 19th, the band performed as the support act for the US hard rock group KoЯn during their Japanese tour. In addition they also supported MUCC before continuing once again on their own solo tour. While he released two documentaries that fall, including acid android archives complete-edition, all release and live activities ceased soon thereafter.
In February 2010, acid android returned to life with their first tour’s live at Shibuya-AX. The rest of the year the group continued to tour across the nation, releasing the new album 13: day: dream in July, soon followed by the single Code.
While activity was quiet through the winter and into the early months of 2011, acid android soon broke that silence with the release of the live DVD acid android live 2010. Two months later, it was followed by the much anticipated full album, alcove / #1, which reached third place on the Oricon indies chart. At this time the band has no concerts scheduled, but fans can continue to hold hope for shows later this year.
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