7!! (Seven Oops)


7!! They have received the grand prix for “Mitsuya Cider CM Audition” (in the band section) in 2005, and their original song, “Sun Light“, was used for Mitsuya Cider’s limited CM, which was aired only in Okinawa.
MICHIRU(Gt.) birthday: 1987.10.08 blood type: O
NANAE(Vo.) birthday: 1988.03.15 blood type: O
MAIKO(Dr.) birthday: 1988.03.15 blood type: O
KEITA(Ba.) birthday: 1988.01.07 blood type: O
7!! was formed in 2004 with the members NANAE (Vo.), MAIKO (Dr.), MICHIRU (G), and KEITA (B), and all members are capable of writing and composing songs.
This page is for all fans of “7!! Seven Oops” band. They are a new Japanese band and I couldn’t find a page on facebook for them so I made one myself! I encourage you to post any information you have about the band on this page! Thanks Everyone!XD
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