Mix Speaker's,Inc.


Mix Speaker’s,Inc. are
YUKI:Vocal / MIKI:Vocal / AYA:Guitar / keiji:Guitar / seek:Bass / S:Drums
A collective group of geniuses in creative expressionism : Mix Speaker’s, Inc.
The band began their activities in 2007. They go by a company name of
Mix Speaker’s, Inc. and their activities move forward with stories
associated with music, original pieces, scenarios, illustration,
movies, and merchandise production crafted by the members themselves.
Their 1st story was a company ran by monsters, and their 2nd story
screened a piece based on a mysterious outer space trip as it’s theme.
Currently their 3rd story has been creating a world centered around a
traveling carnival and theme park called “Mix Land.” Along with their
musical composition fully using twin vocals are components of theater
and dance, this brings together a unique band who’s not limited to
borders. Their stage is filled with high quality and perfection of
entertainment. Regardless of inside or outside of the country, Mix
Speaker’s, Inc. will pull those who had sight of them into their world
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