Nishino Kana / New Album Ranked #1 on Overseas Hit Chart


Nishino Kana’s 4th album “Love Place” released on 9/5/2012 has set an excellent sales record overseas. This album made its CD release simultaneously in Japan and other countries in Asia. Especially in Taiwan, it ranked #1 on a major local music chart for the J-pop/K-pop category on the first week of its release. It also secured top ranks on the hit chart of a mega music chain store “gmusic” which holds more than 50% of shares in Taiwan and of a nationwide chain store “Five Music” as well.
Nishino Kana is not only recognized for her music, but also for her fashion and due to such high reputation, she is receiving various offers from overseas. Japan’s “diva of a mobile phone generation” is now becoming “the diva of Asia” as she is attracting more and more attention from increasing fans in Asia.
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