Tetsuya Kuwayama


Born on April 13th, 1972, in Sapporo City, Hokkaido.
Began studying the accordion (piano accordion) from his father Mayumi Kuwayama (Composer /Accordionist). At the age of 12, won the 4th Zen Nippon Accordion Contest Junior competition. At the age of 14 began studying the accordion under Dede Montmartre, a French maestro who lived in Chiba Prefecture at the time. He switched to the button accordion at this time and learned the essence of French music. At the age of 15, won 1st place at the 5th Zen Nippon Accordion Contest Junior competition, and won 2nd place in the general section. Began performing professional in Sapporo as a teen, and went to Tokyo in 1992 at the age of 20. Became the youngest Japanese to perform at Chartres Accordion Festival.
In 1994, became the member of Yoichi Sugawara’s tour band. In 1998, became a regular support member of the biggest Chanson festival in Japan, “Paris Sai”, held at the NHK Hall. Performed with “Bistro Tempo”, a musette (French folk music featuring an accordion) band and released 5 albums including “Koibito Tachi no Musette”. He gained wide recognition for being the youngest button accordionist. In July 1998, made a guest appearance at Orchard Hall’s Super Accordion Concert, and was praised by Marcel Azzola, the “god of the accordion”. While he was busy performing chanson and tango, in 1999, he released the first musette and tango cover album “Boku no Musette”. In 2000, began his solo career. His emotional play and unsurpassed technique has earned him many fans. He has collaborated with artists from many genres and has appeared in TV, commercials, movies and other visual works. His talent is recognized by artists from many different fields.
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