Keisuke Kuwata


Kuwata Keisuke is a Japanese pop/rock singer-songwriter. He is the vocalist and leader of the group Southern All Stars.
Keisuke Kuwata (born February 26, 1956) has gained fame as a Japanese multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and frontman for the Southern All-Stars.
Kuwata is known for his willingness to experiment with differing genres of Western music as well as J-pop music in his native Japan. As a musician, Kuwata performs primarily as lead guitarist and vocalist, although he has experimented with playing in a variety of positions, and released one album in which he played every instrument on the record. Kuwata is ranked #12 in a list of the top 100 musicians in Japan in 2006.
Kuwata has worked as a record producer, a movie director, has recorded albums as bandleader of his own band, the Kuwata Band, and has worked on projects scoring music to film.
He is a most famous pop & rock singer leading music industry of Japan.
He is a multi-instrumentalist who performs on guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. ‘Suteki na Mirai wo mite hoshii’ was recorded entirely by Kuwata Keisuke. He played all the musical instruments on this record.
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