Eir Aoi new singles “sirius-EP” and “Sanbika” is now available on iTunes & Amazon in twenty countries including the US!



From the popular animation series “Kill la Kill”, the opening theme song “sirius” and soundtrack “Sanbika” has been released on December 1st in twenty countries including the US.

The song “sirius-EP” also includes a coupling track “Kuroiuta”, the theme song for PS3 game software “Drankenguard 3”.

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Eir Aoi debuted in October 2011 with the song “MEMORIA”, an ending theme song for the TV animation “Fate/ZERO”. Since then, she has been standing out as a singer. In January 2013, Eir released her first full album “BLAU” which debuted No.4 on the Oricon chart, and sold out the tour which included venues such as Akasaka Blitz.

In addition to this, Eir Aoi was invited to attend and perform at events outside Japan, such as U.S., Germany, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Now, Eir is one of the most attractive female singers in the market. Her facebook page has more than 200,000 “like!”s

On Saturday November 30th, which happened to be Eir’s birthday, she announced that her awaited second album “AUBE” will be released on January 29th. This album might become a true daybreak for her. It will also include a soundtrack “Sanbika” from the TV animation series “Kill la Kill”, which will be released in advance on December 1st.

One year has passed from the release of her first album “BLAU” which became a smash hit.

Since then, Eir Aoi has experienced performing in many stages in Japan and in overseas, and she is widely known around the world. Now she has completed creating her long-awaited new album.

The latest album title is “AUBE”, which means “dawn” in French.

This is a powerful album full with Eir’s spirit. It makes the listeners imagine a bright power in the clear air of the dawn, getting ready to face the beginning of a new day.

In this latest album, you will experience Eir’s talent in full volume, along with her astonishing vocal skills. This is an album that music fans should not miss.

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