KUROYUME Appears On Niconico Live Special Program For the First Time In 2 Years



KUROYUME, who will be releasing their two single titles, “Guernika” and “I HATE YOUR POPSTAR LIFE”, on December 11, will be starring in a special program on Niconico Live on December 4 and 11.

The December 4 show will be broadcasted under the name [“KUROYUME 20 Shuunen Year E] Single 2 Saku Doji Release Kinen ‘KUROYUME Headache and Dub Reel Inch’” in which the bands entire concert at Nippon Budokan from January 13, 2012, will be aired.

December 11 would be the release date of KUROYUME’s two new singles, “Guernika” and “I HATE YOUR POPSTAR LIFE”; the special program aired this day would be titled “[KUROYUME 20 Shuunen Year E] Single 2 Saku Doji Release Kinen ‘KUROYUME Nama Shutsuen Tokuban’” in which KUROYUME would be making their first appearance on Niconico Live in two years.

The days program would be picking up the latest news about the band’s single releases on December 11, their new album, “Kuro to Kage”, released on January 29, 2014, and their Nippon Budokan concert held on that same day. The band would also be sharing with us their thoughts going into their 20th anniversary year.

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