・April 29, “COMIN’ KOBE15” Appearance
・December 27, ”Okinawa Utahai” Appearance
・January-February,; Cocco’s first starring theatrical play “Les circonstances de Gilsé”
Tokyo -January 16-26 (at CBGK !!)
Osaka-January 30-February 2 (at ABC hall)
・February 22; “Victor Rock Festival ~Music Storm~” Appearance
・March 1; , Mini-album “pas de bourrée” release
・July 30; Digital single “Dororiina・Gilsé” release
(It’s a song featured in Cocco starring play “Les circonstances de Gilsé”)
・September; Encore of Cocco starring play “Les circonstances de Gilsé”
Tokyo September 18~23 (Sunshine Theatre)
Kobe September 27~29 (Shinkobe Oriental Theatre)
・October 8; 8th Album “Plan C” Release
・November 26; “Cocco Single CD Special Punch” Release
(2nd charity single for East Japan earthquake disaster relief)
Production : Cocco Single CD Special Punch Project/Space Shower Music
Distribution : Space Shower Network Inc.
・August 15; Cocco Live footage DVD “THE BEST BAN!! Live ~2011.10.7” release
・October 23; 17th Single “Tokyo Dream” release (digital distribution only)
・October 25; Essay book “Tokyo Dream” release (Mishimasha)
・December 7; “Dream Power John Lennon Super Live” appearance
・December 18; 18th Single “Kira Boshi” release (digital distribution only)
・March 12; Essay book “KOTOKONOKO” release (Gentosha)
・April; “KOTOKO” Cocco’s first starring movie, directed by Shinya Tsukamoto, received 68th Venice Film Festival Orizzonti Award.
・April 7; “KOTOKO” premiere in Japan
・September 5; Cocco’s first starring movie “KOTOKO” DVD/Blu-ray release
・January 12; Guest chorus appearance in Motoharu Sano’s new single, “Tsuki To Sensei Kunshu -Boys & Girls version-” (Available only at iTunes Store)
・January 18 – 23; Cocco organize an event “~Senpai zura shite daisaiten~ ” in Naha city with her high-school classmates.
The event host : Kaiho High school Art division (Arts and music class)  7th Graduating class
・January 25; “Okinawa Times Live at Sakurazaka ~ Nihon de ichiban hayai sakura matsuri (The first Sakura Festival in Japan)~” Appearance
・January 29; “‘au by KDDI’ presents ONTAMA Carnival 2011” Appearance
・March 2; Contribute to BEGIN 20th anniversary Tribute album(Teichiku Entertainment)
Tribute song: “Ojii Jiman No Orion Beer” (Arranged by Tetsushi Hiroyama (RYUKYUDISKO) )
・April 13; LIVE DVD Cocco “Emerald Tour 2010” Release
・April 20; Guest appearance in Haruomi Hosono’s new album “HoSoNoVa” (Victor Entertainment).
(*guest appearance at track 8 “Banana Oiwake”)
・June 8; East Japan earthquake disaster relief project “Cocco Inspired movies” Release (Her first release from an independent label)
Production : Cocco Inspired movies project / Distribution : MEDIA FACTORY, INC
Supported by Victor Entertainment
・June 10; “Cocco Inspired movies” screening & mini-live show at Cine Quinto (Shibuya, Tokyo)
・July 18; “ap bank fes ’11 Fund for Japan” appearance
・August 5; “rockin’on presents ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2011” appearance
・August 15; “Cocco’s best album “THE BEST- BAN” release
“United States of Odaiba Mezamashi Live” appearance
・August 20; “MONSTER baSH 2011” Appearance
Cocco “THE BEST- BAN” Live Tour – 5 Shows
September 26 / Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo
September 28 / Zepp Osaka, Osaka
October 3 / Zepp Nagoya, Nagoya
October 7 / TOKYO DOME CITY HALL, Tokyo
October 11 / Zepp Osaka, Osaka
・August 27; “ARABAKI ROCK FEST.11” Appearance
Cocco “THE BEST- BAN” Live Tour – 5 Shows
September 26 / Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo
September 28 / Zepp Osaka, Osaka
October 3 / Zepp Nagoya, Nagoya
October 7 / TOKYO DOME CITY HALL, Tokyo
October 11 / Zepp Osaka, Osaka
・October 12; “omoigoto” paperback edition release
・December 21; “THE BEST CLIPS” DVD release
・December; Serial publication of Cocco’s essay at“Okinawa Ichiba”(Kobundo Printing) ends
・January; “Cocco time.”, (Okinawa times) Serial Publication start
・May 2; “ARABAKI ROCK FEST.10”Appearance
・May 15; “rockin’on presents JAPAN JAM 2010”Appearance
・May 31; Original Novel “Polomerria“ Release
・June 9; 16th Single“NIRAI-KANAI” Release
・July 17;“ap bank fest ‘10” Appearance
・July 19; “KIJIMUNA Festa 2010” Appearance
・August 1; “SETSTOCK ‘10” Appearance
・August 6; “rockin’on presents ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2010” Appearance
・August 8; “WORLD HAPPINESS 2010” Appearance
・August 11; th Album “Emerald” Release
・August 13; “RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2010 in EZO” Appearance
・August 15; “Kaiho Bank presents 
‘FOREVER BLUE Vol.2~for the precious future~’” Appearance
・September 4; “OTODAMA ’10” Appearance
・October 2; “HEIAN JINGU TSUKIYONO UTAGE” Appearance
Cocco 60min. Special Live  “Emerald” Tour 2010
November 2nd / Zepp Tokyo
November 6th / Zepp Nakagoya
November 11th / Zepp Tokyo
November 16th / Zepp Fukuoka
November 30th / Zepp Osaka
・November 3 – 11; Seven stories starring Cocco “Inspired movies”  
USTREAM screening
・December 4; “Miyako Music Festival ’10” Appearance
・December 7; “Cocco time.” , Serial publication ends
・December 8; “John Lennon Music Festival 2010” Appearance
・December 29; “FM802 ROCK FESTIVAL RADIO CRAZY” Appearance
・December 31; “rockin’on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN 10/11” Appearance
・February; Essay“Kitchen of Cocco-san”,(Papyrus/Gentosha)Serial Publication finishes
・March 18; Curly Giraffe Joined the Woman Vocalist featuring Series No. 2
“My Dear Friend feat. Cocco / Curly Giraffe”prior delivery on the music download
website starts
・August 15; Cocco’s Essay Series“Kitchen of Cocco-san”release (Gentosha)
The 4 new songs born from“Kitchen of Cocco-san”available on the music download website
Spring: Kinuzure;
Summer: the end of Summer
Autumn: Bye Bye Pumpkin Pie
Winter: Ai ni tsuite
“Kitchen of Cocco-san”Publishing Memorial Acoustic Mini Live held at Tower Record Shibuya
・September 16; “Kitchen of Cocco-san’s CD”Release (4songs)
・October 21; Cocco’s appearance as a guest at Curly Giraffe’s Live Event
・November 9; “1 year after Tetsuya Chikushi’s death / Symposium & Live ‘Unchangeable things’ Tetsuya Chikushi and the TV news … and from now on”
Performing in the Mini Live of this event.
・November 18; DVD“Dai-johbu de aru yoh ni – Cocco The endless journey -” Release
・November 27 – December 6
Attend at the Exhibition of albums “ALBUM EXPO 2009 in OSAKA‘The album exhibition of the 50 people’”
・December 8: “John Lennon Music Festival 2009 Dream Power John Lennon Super
Live” Appearance
・December 31; “COUNTDOWN JAPAN09/10” Appearance
kira kira Live Tour 2007/2008
January 4 / Kyoto takutaku
January 5 / Hirosahima Hiroshima ALSOK Hall
January 7 / Osaka Festival Hall
January 9 / Tokyo NIPPON BUDOKAN
January 10 / Tokyo NIPPON BUDOKAN(Acoustic・Special Night)
・March 26; Tour Live DVD
“Cocco kira kira Live Tour 2007/2008 ~Final at Nippon Budokan 2 Days~” Release
・April; Essay“Kitchen of Cocco-san”,(Papyrus/Gentosha)Serial Publication start
・June; Serial Publication of Cocco’s Essay starts at“Okinawa Ichiba”(Kobundo Printing)
・September; Cocco’s first documentary film “Dai-johbu de aru yoh ni – Cocco The endless journey -” starts
Tokyo: Cinema Rise, RiseX, Cinemart Roppongi
Osaka: Umeda Garden Cinema
Kyoto: Kyoto Cinema
Aichi: Fushimi Milionza
Hokkaido: Sapporo Theater Kino
Fukuoka: KBC Cinema
Okinawa: Sakurazaka Theater
・Oct 15- 26; Cocco’ Exhibition“homeland” held at the Okinawa Art Festival
・December; Photo Book “Dai-johbu de aru yoh ni – Cocco The endless journey -” Release (POPLAR Publishing Co., Ltd.)
・March; Serial essay“omoigoto”(Mainichi Shimbun) End
・April; NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Educational TV
“What Will You Do? The Future of the Earth”THEME SONG by Cocco
(Song : “Harehireho”)
・July – September; FM802 “BEAT ON THE RADIO” Regular Radio DJ
First time for Cocco to have a regular radio program.
(every Friday 23:00 – 24:00)
・July 25; 6th Album “kira kira” Release
・August 5; “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL.2007” Appearance
・August 15; Book“omoigoto” Release(Mainichi Shimbun)
・August 15&16; Participated in A Special Event for the Movie 
“Himeyuri”(Tokyo/Yotsuya Kumin Hall)
・August 18; “RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2007 in EZO” Appearance
・August 25; “OTODAMA ’07” Appearance
・September 1; SPACE SHOWER SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2007” Appearance
・September 15; Okinawa Limited Single “The hill of Dugongs” Release
・November 8; “SPEEDSTAR RECORDS 15th ANNIVERSARY ” Appearance
・November 21; 14th Single “The hill of Dugongs” Nationwide Release
kira kira Live Tour 2007/2008
November 21 / Nagoya Zepp Nagoya
November 29 / Niigata Niigata Kenmin Kaikan
November 30 / Kanazawa Ishikawa Kousei Nenkin Kaikan
December 3 / Kobe Kobe International House
December 10 / apporo Hokkaido Kousei Nenkin Kaikan
December 12 / Aomori Aomori Shimin Hall
December 13 / Morioka Iwate Kyouiku Kaikan
December 14 / Sendai Sendai Sunplaza
December 16 / Tottori Yonagoshi Koukaido
December 18 / Nagasaki Nagasaki DRUM Be-7
December 19 / Fukuoka Fukuoka Sunplace
December 21 / Kochi BAY 5 SQUARE
December 26 / Okinawa Okinawa Convention Theater
・December 30; “COUNTDOWN JAPAN07/08” Appearance
・December 31; “COUNTDOWN JAPAN07/08 -WEST-” Appearance
・February 22; 12th Single “A Speed of Sound Punch” Release
・April; Serial essay “omoigoto”(Mainichi Shimbun / every First Monday)  Start
・May 24; 13th Single “Raining in the sun shine” Release
・June 21; 5th Album “Zan-Cyan” Release
・July 22; “SETSTOCK’06” Appearance
・August 5; “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2006” Appearance
Live Tour 2006 – Zan-Cyan – 
July 24 / HIROSHIMA Hiroshima Yubin Chokin Hall
July 26 / FUKUOKA Fukuoka Sun Palace
July 30 / SAPPORO Sapporo Shimin Kaikan
August 1 / NIIGATA Niigata Kenmin Kaikan
August 3 / NAGOYA Zepp Nagoya
August 7 / KOBE Kobe Kokusai Kaikan Kokusai Hall
August 8 / OSAKA Osaka Kosei Nenkin Kaikan Dai Hall
August 10 / TOKYO Nippon Budokan
Okinawa GOMI-ZERO Project One Man Live Special 2006
August 15th / OKINAWA Ginowan-shi Kaihin Koen Okugai Gekijyo
・November 4; “John Lennon Music Festival 2006 Dream Power John Lennon Super Live” Appearance
・December 13; Cocco participated in Seiko Matsuda’s tribute album.
“Jewel Songs – Seiko Matsuda Tribute & Covers -” 
(Sony Music Records)
( Cocco covered a song “I’m so in love with you / Nagisa no balcony” )
・December 21; Photo Book “8.15 OKINAWA Cocco” Release(Japan Broadcast Publishing Co.,Ltd.)
・April 13; Participated in the Photo Book w/CD “The Bird”
(Kawade Shobo Shinsha)
・May 25; SINGER SONGER Debut Single “Flowers in bloom” Release
・June 29; SINGER SONGER Album “ROSY POP” Release
・August 6; “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2005” Appearance(SINGER SONGER)
・August 15; “GOMI-ZERO Project 2005” was held
・March 24; Participated in the Ozaki Yutaka’s Tribute Album
Song : “Dance Hall”
・August 15;“GOMI-ZERO Project 2004” was held
・August 15; Picture Book “Love Songs from the South Ocean” release(Kawade Shobo Shinsha)
・August 15; Picture Book “Love Songs from the South Ocean” Picture Book buyers Limitation CD Single Release
・Novenber 23; Cocco-chan & Shigeru-kun “SING A SONG ~NO MUSIC, NO LOVE LIFE~ ” Tower Records Limited Sales (only sold at the Tower Records)
・August 15; GOMI-ZERO Project vol.0~the right way to the ocean
Appearance of the LOVE RANGERS~
“If our song reaches you, please pick up trash on the beach” 
A 10-minute concert by Cocco and her companions
A grand chorus with love
(Naha City / Okinawa)
・December 24; DVD & VHS “Heaven’s hell” release
(GOMI-ZERO Project vol.0 Complete Document Film)
・September 27; Picture book “Star Sands in the South Ocean” release (Kawade Shobo Shinsha)
・February 21; 10th Single “Wings ~lay down my arms~ ” release
・February 21; CD SINGLE & VIDEO “Funeral of Weathering” Okinawa limited Set release
・April 18; 11th Single “Burnt field” release
・April 18; 4th Album “Sang Rose” release
Activity discontinuance
・September 5; Best Album “Best + Back Best + unreleased songs” release
・September 5; Best Clips “The surprising treasure video + All Single Clips = total 16 songs” release
・April 26; 7th Single “Water Mirror” release
・June 14; 3rd Album “Rapunzel” release
・June 28; 8th Single “Animal Trail” release
・July 26; 9th Single “Wish Upon A Star” release
Live Tour “9 city 11 shows”
September 14 Fukuoka MARINE MESSE FUKUOKA
September 17 Hiroshima GREEN ARENA
September 23 Sapporo MAKOMANAI ICE ARENA
October 2 Nagoya RAIBOW HALL
October 4 Osaka OSAKA-JO HALL
October 6 Tokyo NIPPON BUDOKAN
・April 14; 5th Single “Thread in the deep forest” release
・October 14; 6th Single “Polomerria” release
・March; “SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST ’98”(Texas, America) Appearance
・March 21; 3rd Single “Raining” release
・May 13; 2nd Album “KUMUI-UTA” release
・August – September; Cocco Live “5 Large City Tour” 
August 17 Osaka Osaka Kousei Nenkin Kaikan
August 19 Fukuoka Momochi Palace
August 22 Nagoya Aichi Kinro Kaikan
August 26 Sapporo Zepp Sapporo
September 1 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
・October 7; 4th Single “beyond the way clouds go” release
・March; “SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST ’97”(Texas, America) Appearance
・March 21; Major Debut Single “Count Down” release  from Victor/Speedstar Records
・May 21; 1st Album “Bougainvillaea” release
・June 20; Cocco Live at SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO
・November 21; 2nd Single “the strong and ephemeral” release
・December 5; Cocco Live at UMEDA HEAT BEAT
・December 12; Cocco Live at AKASAKA BLITZ 1212
・November 21; CD debut from an independent label “TOWER RECRODS/bounce” in Japan and US
Official Website: