JK21 / Mission to Get 20,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook for Live in Philippines


JK21, an idol group from Kansai (West Japan) area, has become the center of attention among idol fans recently as they participated in various events such as “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012.” They are currently on a mission to get 20,000 ‘Likes’ on their official Facebook from fans in order to make their dream of having a live in the Philippines come true.

When the number of ‘Likes’ on JK21’s official Facebook reaches 20,000, there may even be a chance for them to hold a live in Manila, Philippines as soon as next year. This news has attracted much attention from the local fans in the Philippines that they are already looking forward to seeing JK21.

As of 11/24/2012 15:00(JST), they have reached 4217 ‘Likes.’ Will it be a long way to accomplish 20,000 ‘Likes’? Let’s keep a close eye on the result!

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