Inugami Circus-dan


Inugami Circus-dan stands out as one of the most interesting and long lived among the visual rock bands in the Japanese underground music scene. The four-piece band is fronted by strong voiced Inugami Kyouko, who is one of the well-respected female artists in visual kei. Together, the band members make up an unusual but enigmatic group, which were named after a film by cult director Shuuji Terayama.
The band plays solid rock ‘n’ roll music with an enka-style twist. Their music is original, uncompromising and most of all fun. With such a vast discography, however, many other styles such as blues, techno, jazz and even hip-hop have also been added into the band’s repertoire. One of the shocking factors about Inugami Circus-dan is their fearlessness to cover disturbing subject matters such as molestation, incest and genocide.
Kyouko normally dresses in a traditional kimono and has kabuki-like make-up. The other band members, who are all male, wear military-style uniforms and similar make-up as Kyouko, but not as dramatic. More often than not, the band leader Akira likes to wear a corset and plastic devil style horns on his head.
Drums: Inugami Akira
Guitar: Inugami Jouji ni-gou
Vocals: Inugami Kyouko
Bass: Inugami Zin
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