The members of ACIDMAN founded the band when they were students at the same private high school in Saitama. The friends stuck together through university and held their first concerts in 1997 in Shimokitazawa. On these live outings they distributed their first three demo tapes to the audience for free.
Only two years later, the band had their first line-up change; the vocalist, Shiibashi Takeshi, left the band and the guitarist, Ooki Nobuo, took his place. Thus changing from the quartet that they were to the trio they are today. Ooki Nobuo graduated as a pharmacist/chemist not long after that and ACIDMAN really kicked off their career.
In 2001, they signed with the indie label Nomadic Records and their single, Sekitou, ranked third on the indie charts. In March 2002, they released the mini-album, Sankazora, which, unfortunately, was not very successful. They toured again and performed at smaller events next to bands like Husking Bee and Bloodthirsty Butchers.
Later that year the major label Toshiba/Emi offered them a contract. They released two singles on the new label, a new press of their first single and, in October, their very first album, Sou. This album ranked ninth on the Oricon charts and earned ACIDMAN the Japan Gold Disc Award for the best newcomer of the year 2003.
It took another year before they released their next album, Loop. A support musician worked with them on this release, but the trio remained the way they were and the support musician didn’t become an official part of their line-up. A big tour followed the release of the album and they also performed at events with bands like THE BACK HORN, Faridas Café, The band Apart and Husking bee. After their touring period, the band headed in to the studio. This fruitful period yielded two new singles and the album, Equal, in September 2004.
Since then they have kept up with their steady release pace, striving for several singles and if possible, even a new album each year. During their green chord live tour in 2007, the band was able to perform at the legendary Nippon Budokan venue, which must have been one of the band’s biggest moments.
In 2009 they released two singles, an album and a PV collection. So far in 2010 they are living up to the expectations with a DVD, two singles and the promise of their eight album to be released in winter.
ACIDMAN has an impressive career so far, and we can be sure that they’ll continue to please their fans with countless of new releases.
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