Guitar: YUKI
Guitar: IRU
Bass: KAGE
Drums: KENZy
A&D performs touching pop rock with the lead of a talented vocalist. Although the band was formed in the autumn of 2008, they present a combination of solid experience and a powerful chemistry between the members, as the whole line-up worked previously with the down-to-earth act RABBIT. The light and melodic sound is backed up by Yuki and Saki’s guitars, which give the music a tint of a heavier edge.
The home site address of this sympathetic four refers to the words ‘air’ and ‘dignity’, but in any case the name is always spelled as A&D.
A&D officially started on August 18 2008, right after the break-up of the members’ previous group RABBIT. The line-up knew each other well, as the vocalist Shizeru and the guitarists Yuki and Saki had played together in RABBIT ever since the year 2003, whereas bassist Kage joined the band as a session member within their last year. Seeming like a natural continuation, A&D hasn’t given up on their foundation stone, the strong theme of positive sounding pop rock, although the group’s exterior style has been polished to a more nuanced direction.
The merry four performed for the first time in September 2008 and released their first mini-album, Aquarium, followed by maxi single quill. Besides the promising releases, A&D has gathered interest by taking part in events organized by such labels as UNDER CODE and PS COMPANY, even though the band gets left somewhere between the visual kei and more regular indie rock styles.
A&D is rising fast towards the highlights with their radiating energy and recognizable music. The determined line-up is ready to go through a lot of work in order to succeed together and that might be one of the reasons why the band’s future looks pretty promising.
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