Hoshino Gen: Leader and guitarist
Tanaka Kei: Bassist
Hamano Kenta: Trombonist
Itō Daichi: Drummer
SAKEROCK are an instrumental band formed in 2000 by five (later four) former students of a private high school in Hannō, Saitama prefecture, Japan. Their compositions draw on various styles, from latin Jazz to Japanese folk music, but the band’s sound is immediately recognizable from melody lines played by a slightly off-pitch trombone. Their name is taken from a Martin Denny song. Members are Hamano ‘Hamaken’ Kenta (trombone, scat), Tanaka Kei (bass, hawaiian guitar), Itō Daichi (drums, percussion), and frontman Hoshino Gen (guitar, marimba). Nomura Takuji (keyboards) has left the band but still plays live and in the studio. Hamano and Hoshino also have acting careers, mainly on TV. The band is signed to the label Kakubarythm.
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