SNAIL RAMP is a Japanese ska-punk/ melodic hardcore band originated around Akira Takemura in 1995.
They belong to the record label SCHOOL BUS RECORDS which Takemura founded himself.
Their CDs are released by King Records (ONE TWO SCHOOL) and Tokuma Japan Communications (SCHOOL BUS RECORDS “NEXT”).
Takemura used to be the main songwriter during their time as an indie artist, but after their major debut, AKIO has written most of their songs. For the album “Gravity”, AKIO took on the role of lead singer has received critical acclaim within the business. Kishidan performed for their opening act during their GRAVITY tour.
After the AKIO’s leave from the band, the band went into a long hiatus, and the members went on to concentrate on their own projects. The band got back together in 2005 with the joining of new members.
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