Mushi Furuu Yoru Ni


Mushi-Furuu-Yoru-Ni The band that later became “Mushi Furuu Yoru Ni” was originally formed in 2007 with the members of Ari (Vo), Shinnosuke (G) and Ikumi (Dr). In 2008, they released their very 1st single “Sekikassyoku no Umi” and won the 2nd prize at the YAMAHA. They changed their band name to Mushi Furuu Yoru Ni on 10/9/2008 to mark a brand new beginning. In 2009, they released their 1st mini album “Mushi no Mokushi” and stayed active as they continued on with live stages. In 12/2010, they released their 1st full album “Bokutachi wa ima Inochi no Ue wo Aruiteiru.” From 2012, Haruki (ex-member of THE KANMURI and of SECOND EFFORT) officially joined the band as the bassist and their new album “Mushi no Oto” was released in 8/2012. As they attracted much attention with “Mushi no Oto” ranking within the top 30 of the rock chart on iTunes Store, their new album “Mushi no Koe” out in 7/2013 was released for digital download and rental.
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