Tatsuro Yamashita


Yamashita Tatsuro (born on Feb 4, 1953 in Tokyo, Japan) is a well established Japanese singer and composer. Known for his singles to constantly reach super hit status, most of which were released in the 80’s, his music incorporates elements of soul-funk, jazz, blues and the occasional disco.In 1973, Yamashita formed the band SUGAR BABE with the musicians including Taeko Onuki and Kunio Muramatsu. His most well-known song is arguably ‘Christmas Eve’, which has unfailingly received heavy airplay around Christmas time every year since 1983. ‘Ride on Time’ (1980) and ‘Loveland, Island’ (1982) were used as the theme songs of two different trendy Japanese dramas recently, depicting his popularity within the modern Japanese society. He has written songs for various singers, most notably Kinki Kid’s biggest hit ‘Glass no Shonen’. Yamashita has released several English singles and albums, contributed by his almost flawless English pronunciation. He is also known as Mariya Takeuchi’s husband and producer.
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