MBS Anime Historia, a party for the best anime of the Heisei Era! An amazing lineup including 20 voice actors, 11 artists!


FLOW、SID、GRANRODEO、Nakajima Megumi etc. were coming!
Yoko Takahashi known performing the opening theme song of the anime series Neon
Genesis Evangelion also showed up!

MBS Anime Fes, the amazing event for popular anime was held in Osaka Hall, and the tickets sold out in just a few minutes.Fans of Anime from all over Japan witnessed this carnivals, with over 10 thousand fans going to the venue.The live streaming was conducted simultaneously in movie theaters across the country.
Organized by the same MBS team, MBS Anime-Historia-Heisei which concluded the Heisei Era attracted 15 thousand fans to the venue, with another 10 thousand watching the live streaming at theaters.

■ The video clarifying manners
At 5pm just before the start, with no exception, the video clarifying manners during the event was played.
In the video, the charater Mephistopheles(cv:Hiroshi Kamiya) from anime 「BLUE EXORCIST」(released in 2011) told everyone how to enjoy the MBS Anime-Historia-Heisei tonight. The audience got very excited when they heard the episodes such as how he decided to use penlight as his The Demon-Slayer Sword, how he practice call and response.Either of the episodes could only come out of Mephistopheles who called himself as Anime Otaku. Everyone got ready for the amazing event.

■Opening~「CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion」
Sooner, the countdown started. The passion of the audience was lighted when it came to just 10 seconds before the start. Finally, the number jumped from 1 to 0. “Welcome to MBS Anime-Historia-Heisei”, Mr. Jun Fukuyama, who played Zero(Lelouch Lamperouge) in the anime series CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion(2006) announced the start of the event. “I am Zero. Take my Geass! Let’s treasure tonight in our memories forever! “. Hearing Zero’s words, the 15 thousand anime fans burst into cheers as loud as they could. “In the middle of the flow of “Yes, Your Majesty!”, the fans found it a surprise that the band FLOW were going to give the opening act. Started with the theme song of CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion” COLORS”, audience immediately immersed themselves in the fancy world created by the famous anime scenes and the nostalgic songs. When it came to the end of the song, special guest Sakurai Takahiro who played Suzaku joined Fukuyama Jun who played Zero、the two then presented a live voice dubbing on the stage. The reenactment of the battle between these the friends and rivals had all audience holding their breathe to the end. There was not a time anyone could listen to it without feeling moved.
■「Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans」 ★Surprise
The mood in the hall was quickly changed when the visual of Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans (released in 2015) began to show on the big monitor. Not waiting for so much until the first surprise anime, the fans burst in to cheers full of pleasure. “Tekkadan、I must keep it intact…” accompanied by Orga’s monologue, Kawanishi Kengo who played Mikazuki Augus and Hosoya Yoshimasa who played Orga Itsuka walked on the stage. Although it had been three years since the series’ release, the interaction between the two was still fresh in everyone’s mind, even more vivid when time passed. When Orga said his symbolic line “How can I… even stop”, many were moved to tears by this final scene.
The following part was the influential work 「SSSS.GRIDMAN」 released in just last year(2018). Main voice actors Hirose Yuuya who played Hibiki Yuta and Miyamoto Yume who played Takarada Rikka led the fan to review the story of the anime in the form of live voice dubbing. Despite being the youngest performer on the stage, Miyamoto, together with Hirose demonstrated their superior voice acting talents under huge pressure.
After the live dubbing show, the scene “new century junior school student”, which played a significant role in the whole series flew out with the opening theme song OxT. The live performance of the song “UNION” which was also regarded as the anthem by GRIMAD’s fans pushed the hall nearing the climax.
After a talk session with voice actors from the above 3 anime series, it was time to announce the top 21-30 best anime songs of the Heisei Era at LIVE DAM RANKING CORNER.
UNISON SQUARE GARDEN treated audience to the top 25th “Sugar Song and Bitter Step” , the ending song of anime Blood Blockade Battlefront “Orion wo Nazoru” which was the opening song of anime TIGER&BUNNY. By watching the anime clips simultaneously, everyone was satisfied the light music and warm atmosphere.

■「Haikyu!!」 ★SURPRISE
The 3-piece band “BURNOUT SYNDROMES” walked on the stage as special artist who had sung songs for Haikyu!!(2014). With the famous scenes being played at the back, the band treated audience to the opening song of the series’ second season “FLY HIGH!!” The fans couldn’t help being so excited to see the new season coming on the way. That was also the reason why they were completely captured by the band’s performance.
■「Mobile suit Gundam SEED」
The next work was Mobile suit Gundam SEED released in 2002. We don’t need a reason to have Mobile suit Gundam SEED on the list of MBS’s huge hits.
At the end of the opening song video on the huge monitor, Hoshi Souichirou who played Kira Yamato and secret guest voice actor Ishida Akira who played Athrun Zala appeared on the stage.
In live dubbing session, everyone was captivated by the nostalgic lines from the two characters when Athrun Zala said” Next time I will definitely beat you” and Kira said”But I will protect my world to the end.” The voice actors were so engaged that every painful word made some people feel like a heartbroken teenager.
■Shingeki no Kyojin(Attack on Titan ) ★SURPRISE
The big hit Shingeki no Kyojin (2013) part was started with the conversation between Rina played by Hosoya Yoshimasa and Allen played by Kaji Yuuki where the girl made the confession of being Armored Titan.
It was extremely hard not to mention one guy when we talked about this anime—— another secret voice actor Kamiya Hiroshi. The crowd went wild over his astonishing appearance on the stage because it was MBS anime events’ tradition that the voice actor who worked as the narrator in the promotion movies never showed up in the same event. The performance masterfully depicted Levi and Kenny’s showdown to Eren’s heartfelt gratitude to his comrades of the 104th, concluding with astounded reverberations from the audience.
■「Puella Magi Madoka Magica」 ★SURPRISE

Then, video clips of Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011) started. Neither the anime series nor the cast was revealed in advance, therefore it was definitely a big surprise when Yuuki Aoi who played Madoka Magica and Saitou Chiwa who played Akemi Homura appeared. For the later, it was her first time to join MBS ‘s anime event of scale.
To save her only friend Madoka, Homura travelled back to the past again and again.
Even after 8 years, the story and the precious friendship between the two still impressed all of us. The event featured an on-the-air rendition of “connect” alongside visuals from the anime. Like the Episode 10, the performance captured Homura’s emotional state and captivated the venue.
■「JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure] ★SURPRISE
By then time the opening song of Puella Magi Madoka Magica ended, the solemn prelude of the opening song of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) flew out. This is another surprise session at the moment when Hiroaki TOMMY Tominaga walked on stage, he had the audience all screaming along as loud as they could.
■DAM ranking②
As before, another LIVE DAM RANKING CORNER was held after 3 anime sessions. The Top 11-20 30 best anime songs of the Heisei Era were announced. Although unluckily not included in the list, the innovative collaboration work “Preserved Roses”, which was the opening song of Valvrave the Liberator
played by T.M.Revolution and Nana Mizuki was still a big hit going down to the history of anime songs. Without any more waiting, abingdon boys school sang the opening songs of Devil Kings called “JAP”. The 2 riveting live performances had all audience waiving their pen lights and cheering.

■「Book of the Atlantic」
The stage was handed to Book of the Atlantic, a big hit in 2008. Other than Daisuke Onowho played Sebastian Michaelis another surprise guest Maya Sakamoto who played Ciel Phantomhive also came along the stage. The live dubbing started with the moment when the child Shae got to know Sebastian at the very beginning, concluded at Shae receiving the homage from Sebastian. “Yes, My Load”, the two were surrounded by a solemn but beautiful atmosphere.
What’s more, surprise guest SID sang their new work “Monokuro no Kiss”. The fascinating stage featured two voice actors and one artist group had everyone satiated.
When SID finished their performance, Daisuke Ono, Yuki Kaji, Jun Fukujima and Takahiro Sakurai gathered on the stage once again. Everyone took it for granted that they would dress up as the characters in Book of the Atlantic,but out of expectation, it turned to be the characters in MAGI. Even though, the 4 talented voice actors were successful in warming up the hall. The prelude of “V.I.P”, the opening song of Magi marked that it was SID’s time again! The crowd got crazy with SID treating them to 2 hit songs in a row.
■「Mobile suit Gundam 00」

Without hesitation, the event broke into the second half.
The visual of Mobile suit Gundam 00 successfully caught everyone’s eyes with its opening scene dated back to 2007. “EXIA… Setsuna F Seiei…Target locked!”, the famous line came from Mamoru Miyano who played Setsuna F Seiei. Next to him was Yuichi Nakamura who played Graham Aker. The reenactment of the battle between Setsuna and Graham had everyone excited when they heard Miyano‘s determination to end the war.
■「Angel Beats!」 ★SURPRISE
What made people love MBS anime events so much was that you know there would be a lot of surprises going on without know what exactly those surprises would be like.
Angel Beats! was an excellent anime original series whose name will forever be listed on the most popular anime of Heisei Era.
The entire hall burst into cheers when they found the video of this anime on the big monitor even though the anime was released almost 10 years ago.
The live dubbing featured Hiroshi Kamiya who played Yuduru Otonashi and surprise guest Kana Hanazawa who played Angel. The two carried the audience with their overwhelming performances, some even began to sniffle. By the time the live ended, elegant melody started to fill in the whole hall. Surprise artiest Lia immediately captivated audience with her singing “My Soul, Your Beats!”.
■DAM Ranking③
In the following he LIVE DAM RANKING corner, top 4-10 Best Anime Songs of Heisei Era were announced.
The opening song of Full metal Alchemist, “Melissa” from Porno Graffitti
ranked 10 on the list, while the ending song Relight from ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION took the 8th place. The nostalgic and dynamic music added to the atmosphere a lot.

Next, the audience welcomed the video clips of THE BASKETBALL WHICH KUROKO PLAYS (2012) with huge cheers. Along with the anime visuals, the audience were blown away by the powerful opening song “Can do” played by GRANRODEO.
■「Big Windup」 ★SURPRISE
It was time to check another work Big Windup (2007). Other than two main characters’ voice actors Tsubasa Yonaga who played Ren Mihashi、Yuichi Nakamura who played Takaya Abe, Jun Fukuyama who played Kosuke Izumi and Kisyou Taniyama who also showed up in Basketball part and now playing Hanai Azusa also joined the stage. After the live dubbing, the opening song “Dramatic” was on with its visual, all cast threw the baseball with their signature on it tot eh audience, concluding the on-night-limited reunion of former “Nishiura 9”
■「Kaguya-sama: love is War」 ★SURPRISE
The following session, we saw “The big figure as a freshman in anime song field” on the big screen. A moment astounded, the next second the hall was seethed with excitement. Now everyone realized the king of love song Suzuki Masayuki was coming. This was her first show on anime event. 2 songs, the opening song of Kaguya-sama: love is War” LOVE・DRAMATIC” and a special version of ”Megumino Hito” along with the anime visuals from Kaguya-sama: love is War left a deep impression.
The next part was MACROSS Frontier (2008), a big hit inherited the 3 element “Song, transformable, and tri-angle relationship” from MACROSS series. Yuichi Nakamura walked on the stage for the third time, give special performances with Ai Nakajima who played Ranka Lee. The live dubbing depicted how Ranka had made up her mind to chase her dream. With the most shining phrase, NAKAJIMA came to the stage again as a singer now. Her fantastic performance MACROSS Frontier and another popular song in the anime Seikan Hikou turned the stage into a wonderland in dream.
■「 The seven deadly sins」 ★SURPRISE
The last work dominated the stage was The Seven Deadly Sins. The live dubbing started by the monologue by Meliodas played by Yuki Kaji, followed by the famous scene reenactment given by Dianne played by Aoi Yuki and the King played by Jun Fukuyama In the middle of the warm mood, the Hendriksen was conquered by deadly sins members. The audience was captivated by the performances even within such a short period. After the live, FLOW×GRANRODEO treated audience with “7 –seven”, which created an amazing collaboration stage,
After the talk session covering the last 3 anime voice actors, finally the top 1-3 best anime songs of Heisei Era were announced. No surprising, the first place was taken by “Zankoku na Tenshi” whose name would never fade in the history of anime songs. Closing to the end of the event, it was time for the end roll. To those fans who were always passionate with anime, the event had arranged the show that met most people’s demands. No wonder, the audience had the chance to enjoy “Zankoku na Tenshi” by Takahashi Yoko. Instead of listening from the radio now people could enjoy live show, that explained why they were extremely glad. The hall reached to the climax at that moment.
As time went on, the 4-hour event finally came to the final part. All cast gathered on the stage once more, and led the audience to call “MBS ANIMEHITORIA HEISEI” as loudly as they could. The silver tapes burst in the midair concluded the events in cheers and applauses.

This was not the end of the world of surprise.
The last surprise was the words shown on the big screen: emergency notice. From July, tv anime Fire Force will be airing on MBS’s first late-night national net anime program Super Animeism. Please stay tuned!