TRUE “5th Anniversary Live Sound! Vol. 1 ~SINGLE COLLECTION~”


author:  Mirta Arizola


TRUE celebrated her 5th anniversary with a sold-out show at TSUTAYA O-EAST and announcements for fans worldwide!


TRUE celebrated her 5th anniversary with a sold-out live at TSUTAYA O-EAST in Shibuya. The concert titled “TRUE 5th Anniversary Live Sound! Vol.1 ~SINGLE COLLECTION~” brought fans from all over Japan as well as from overseas to celebrate the milestone.

As blue lights filled the stage, the supporting band members entered one by one and took their places. TRUE entered from the back of the stage and stepped onto a platform that helped fans get a better view of her. Wearing a cute white dress, she started jumping as the first song DREAM SOLISTER from the anime “Sound! Euphonium” opened the anniversary live.

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