NAGAREDA Project: Video with hidden secret released



NAGAREDA Project will release their new single, “Dragon Collection ~YUUKI NO TSUBASA~” on May 21. The album cover and music video have just been released.

The song is currently being used as the theme song for TV Tokyo’s TV anime, “DRAGON COLLECTION”. Pro wrestler, Takao Omori, guest stars and battles NAGAREDA Project in this comical and energetic video.

A secret is hidden in this music video, and those who tweet the secret, while adding “#nagareda_MV”, will be entered into a raffle. The winner will receive an autographed mini guitar as a present. Hints to the secret are revealed on the band members’ Twitter page. The answer to the secret will be revealed at the NAGAREDA Project’s May 10 Shinjuku BLAZE “one-man” (no opening act) show, titled “NAGAREDA Project KESSEI 5SHUNEN KINEN One Man Live!>

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