SuG to Release New Single, “B.A.B.Y.” on July 23



On April 27, SuG performed the final show of their tour “SuG TOUR 2014 ‘un-MISSING,'” which consisted of twelve stops in Japan and four stops in other parts of Asia. They have now announced that they will release their new single “B.A.B.Y.” on July 23.

The final show of the tour was held in Korea, and SuG was welcomed by passionate, shrieking cheers and applause from the very beginning. They performed well-known live tracks such as their newest single “MISSING” as well as “☆Gimigimi☆” and “Fukanzen Beautyfool Days.” The audience responded to SuG’s passionate, enthusiastic performance by raising their fists in the air, undaunted. The audience also listened attentively to Takeru’s emotional vocals during songs like “Kaori” and “Mujoken Kofukuron.” And during “39GalaxyZ,” the fans sang along with enough enthusiasm to match the Japanese fans, showing their excitement at being able to see SuG again after two years.

The members gave an MC fitting for Korea, introducing themselves in Korean and telling jokes that are popular in the area, bringing the last stop of their “un-MISSING TOUR” to a successful close.

SuG held their outdoor one-man performance “SuG OnemanShow 2014 ‘B.A.B.Y.'” on May 6 at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall. Their tenth single “B.A.B.Y.” was arranged by music producer, DJ, and artist TeddyLoid, who is not only on the front lines of club music but also moves about freely in the J-Pop scene.

The song has a high-tempo and refreshing rock sound that features elements of EDM and is perfect for summer. Representative of SuG’s new standard of “Heavy Positive Rock,” it is a song that is expected to create waves of excitement at live performances.

In commemoration of the release of the new single and SuG’s first performance at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall, they allowed reservations of a special music card for one day only. The release will feature a limited design available only to those who reserved a copy at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall.

Those who reserved their copy on the day of the performance were entered into a lottery to go backstage and would receive a CD of a talk session about an hour long with the five members, recorded the night before the live performance. Those who reserved the CD or bought “SuG Onemanshow 2013 ‘update ver.0′” (DVD:PCBP.52540/Blu-ray:PCXP:50240), which was released on April 16, would receive replica of a SuG One-man show 2013 stage pass.

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