GLAY’s Music Video For “DIAMOND SKIN” Featuring Yumiko Shaku Banned From TV In Numerous Asian Countries. YouTube Access Rises Exponentially



GLAY’s music video for “DIAMOND SKIN”, released on November 6th, has caught the attention of many. The video features an erotic love scene between the stars Yumiko Shaku and Ken Yasuda. The video was banned from the air in various Asian countries which has led to an incredible rise in number of YouTube accesses. Within 10 days of its release, the video was played more than 900,000 times. This is the fastest pace for any GLAY release to date. The big million is already within range.

The following are examples of some of the comments left on this video: “It’s like watching a short film. It’s fantastic”, “The more you listen to it, the more heart-wrenching it gets. It made me want be hugged by a loved one too”, “Yumiko Shaku’s acting is also very wonderful”.

The main cast of the video, Yumiko Shaku, who has not had much experience doing love scenes commented, “It put my whole soul into it and attacked it straight on”. Her acting, full of verisimilitude, is a sight to remember.

“DIAMOND SKIN” was released in advance on on November 6th. The song ranked-in at 1st place on the weekly charts. Digital distribution has begun on all music websites now.

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