tofubeats, Live Appearance on YouTube “MUSIC FRIDAY”



tofubeats will appear live on the regular program “MUSIC FRIDAY on Google+ l YouTube” shown every week on Fridays from 10PM. On the “MUSIC FRIDAY” show of November 29th from 10PM will be the show as tofubeats`s official YouTube channel, they will have a unique show where the celebration of the major debut ED release on November 13th and his birthday on the 26th will be done by himself. Not only will they have his DJ playback, but there will be the talks about his feelings about major debut and reaching his 23rd birthday, and other surprises are planned for the special show celebrating the release and his birthday. Along with the announcement of the show, an official Google+ and a Google+ Community of tofubeats has started. At the newly established Google Community, he is asking the users for “unique and interesting local sports you want to introduce to tofubeats.” There will also be special events using Google+ Hangouts (video chat). First, follow tofubeats on Google+, join the official Google+ Community, and celebrate tofubeats with tofubeats!!

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